The art and science of Hair Extensions
Great Lengths is unmatched as the best quality hair extensions system worldwide. Developed and crafted in Italy, the fashion capitol of the world, available in over 27 countries, and at a professional hairdressing salon near to you. Great Lengths has been trusted by professional hairdressers to help them transform their clients for over 18 years in South Africa.
Our Great Lengths research facility owns a number of international patents that are involved the processing of the best quality human hair available as well as the bonding technology.

Who wear Great Lengths?
Whilst Great Lengths adorns the heads of international stars, actresses and celebrities, there are thousands of women and men across South Africa who wear our extensions with confidence. Confidence from knowing that their extensions enhance their beauty, look natural and give them the hair that they have always dreamed of.
Women who understand that if their hair feels gorgeous, they can wear anything in their wardrobe. A woman who understands that a quality brand mean less stress and fuss.

Great Lengths professional salons
Great Lengths is only available at select professional hairdressing salons countrywide. Each salon has selected stylists to become qualified Great Lengths technicians. These selected technicians have undergone the most rigorous training that involves both the theoretical and practical aspects of hair extensions. The stylists are continually updated as to the latest techniques and fashions in hair extensions.

The technique
Great Lengths hair is attached to your own hair via a patented keratin bond. The amazing thing about keratin is that it acts exactly like your own hair. It expands when wet and contracts when dry. The bonds last in your own hair for between 3 and 5 months.

Your lifestyle
The best thing about Great Lengths is that it fits in with your lifestyle. Flat iron, blow wave and shampoo your hair as normal. You will need to use professional shampoo?s and conditioners to keep your hair in tip top condition and you may need a treatment or 2 if your climate it very dry. You may need to get up earlier as longer fuller hair takes longer to dry.
So if you are looking for longer or thicker hair go to the name that is trusted by hairdressers. Great Lengths.

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